Magic Maketu is a ngow or never community project based in Maketu, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. It’s all about connecting the community, environment, and wild life with compassion and support.

This project began in 2008, with the goal of helping the community with I.T. helpdesk and website building. Over the years we have grown steadily from one-man gang to one-man gang today, albeit with massive support from family and friends directly or indirectly.

Our range of projects and services is expanding fast in the last couple of years to include learning, environmental and community health.

Our new casual chess club project is to help players of all ages on brain stimulation and exercise on logic and strategies.

Enjoy reading our brand new cartoon series, bro & bro, created by our own Kong’s Cartoon Production Studio. It is based on the adventure and stories of two kiwi bros, Pukeko and Tui. We hope our readers will enjoy reading it and can smile everyday without the need to take any happy pill. Laughter is the best medicine.

Be happy. May all beings be happy!

Free projects

  • free websites – we sponsor, build and maintain websites for any community project or charity group
  • community notice board (updated) – place your ads for free
  • backyard nursery – native manuka seedlings going to good home.

Free classes

  • adult literacy and numeracy – tutorial on reading, writing, arithmetic, form filling, letter writing, road code, weekly one-on-one tutorial
  • spoken Mandarin lessons – take it easy, learn at your own pace
  • English language ESOL home tutorial – learn English for speakers of other languages, working with refugees and migrants, weekly one-on-one tutorial
  • community learning centre (new) – free resources and online training courses
  • web design for beginners – learn how to make a simple website for your business, project or hobby
  • communication (new) – using email, chat, video conference, voice call on the internet.

Free services

  • translation & interpretation – English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Bahasa Malaysia, Indonesian, Hokkien, Teochew, Hakka. We can help you to overcome the language barrier
  • working bees – tree planting, landscaping, beach clean up
  • computer help desk – ask the computer man.

Chess club (all ages)

Play chess can prevent Alzheimer’s disease

  • International chess (new) – play or learn how to play chess
  • Chinese chess (new) – play or learn how to play one of the oldest board games in the World.

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